BibleReader 5.0

Let your computer read the Bible for you with Bible Reader

Being one of the most celebrated and important books in human history, the Bible has been presented in many forms, and aimed to almost any type of public. This little program is an innovative presentation of the Good Book, since it combines both text and sound, so you can read the Scriptures and hear the reading at the same time.

The program is very easy to use. After launching it, you only need to choose the book, chapter and verse you want to read/hear. The program will open that part of the Bible, and the text will appear on-screen, scrolling automatically. Simultaneously, Microsoft Windows' default voice will read the text. You can adjust the speed of scrolling and select a different voice in case you have more than one. To stop the reading/scrolling process, you only need to push the Stop button.

Besides its easiness of use, the program's interface is very pleasant as it shows a beautiful seascape at dusk. Maybe the only drawbacks are that the program's window is too small and thus, the text can be hard to read. Also, Microsoft's default voice may be tiring after a while. Nevertheless, this program is a good choice for older people and those with visual impairments who wish to hear Biblical readings.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Useful for persons with visual impairment


  • The reading voice may seem tiring after a while
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